Loy says: “RoboRally was a fun game when we first played it with two people. We enjoyed moving the robots around the factory floor, evading dangerous obstacles (and each other) to be the first to complete the circuit. Then we tried it with four people … and it’s insane. Each robot has its own weapon and defense that interact with all other robots, increasing the complexity of the game exponentially. We had a blast, but two players might be the max for the casual gamer. We love the fact that this game can be played in a fulfilling manner on a simpler or more complex level. And it’s a lot of fun to shoot the other guy’s robot with your laser!”

From the box: “A frenzied race filled with computer driven chaos! At the far end of the galaxy lies a fully automated grid-widget factory. As one of the factory’s eight redundant super computers, you have a lot of responsibility and even more free time. When boredom creeps into your circuits, you and the other computers have a little fun at the factory’s expense. Pulling defective robots out of the maintenance bay, you pit them against one another in a destructive race across the dangerously cluttered and ever-changing factory floor in a RoboRally. One robot will wind up in the winner’s circle the rest go on the scrap heap. The game is for 2 to 8 players. It takes about an hour to play.”

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