From the box: “Snorta! is the family game where everyone acts like an animal! The race is on to get rid of your cards. After each player hides an animal figure in their barn, everyone starts flipping over their cards and the BARNYARD BEDLAM BEGINS! Whenever two cards match, players must blurt out the sound of each other’s hidden animal – and whoever squawks last has to take their opponent’s cards! First player out of cards wins! Snorta! comes with 12 fully painted animal figures – a cat, a cow, a dog, a donkey, a duck, a frog, a mouse, an owl, a pig, a rooster, a sheep and a snake. Each player chooses one of these animals from the cloth grab bag then hides it under one of 8 plastic barns. Finally, the deck of 96 cards, featuring quirky illustrations of each animal, gets dealt to all the players. Simple as that and you’re ready to play! Snorta is quick and easy to learn, but as players start turning over their cards faster and faster, the game quickly becomes more and more challenging. Can you spot a match before your opponents do? Will you remember what kind of animal is hidden in their barns? Get ready to laugh as tongue-tied players stumble and stutter to blurt out the sounds of each other’s undercover animals – it’s a real HOOT! SNORTA! will have you HOWLING with laughter!”

Loy says: “Snorta is a wild, wacky, and very loud game. Flipping cards rapid-fire around the table, you watch carefully for any matching pairs. At the first sign of a match, you race to make the sound of your opponent’s animal before s/he makes the sound of yours. This is one game that actually goes well with spirits and is hilarious at all ages. How fast does your mouth catch up with what your brain tells you?”

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