HeroScape: Rise of the Valkaries

From the box: “Imagine the greatest battle of all time taking place on a battlefield you design. Recommended for ages eight and older, Heroscape Master Set: Rise of the Valkaries entails an interlocking 3-D battlefield, miniature warriors, and strategic game play. This build-and-battle game set includes 24 beautifully painted miniature warriors and 75 interlocking terrain pieces. There are swamp, water, rock, and land tiles to create and customize your own battlefield. An instruction booklet is provided to help you form the terrain. The pieces click easily into place and the landscape is limited only by your imagination. After you construct the terrain, it is time to form your army with warriors, aliens, acid, drones, and stingers, each with their own strengths.”

Loy says: “This is a great gateway into tabletop miniature gaming. HeroScape features interlocking tiles that you use to build terrain, figures that have different abilities and defenses, and chips that represent special items you can use in your battle. Defeat the monsters (or play the monsters, if you prefer) and win the war. This game takes a lot of setup before play begins, but is fairly simple to run once started. We get it out every now and again and play multiple games with it before putting it back away. The edition we have is Rise of the Valkaries, but we’re always looking for expansions. Ask us to set this up for you – and see if you enjoy tabletop strategy wargaming.”

Sam says: ”

Epic heroes from all realms and times, a changing landscape built every time you play, and strategies involving water-moving restrictions, “tunnels,” and castle walls: this is a tabletop game I have loved since 2004. Goal: conquer the land. How: build you army. Hundreds of miniatures act as your tokens that move around the land and fight other heroes.

Five generals compete in the Heroscape realm, and each has a “type” of hero they recruit. Piecing together your team to combine abilities and to utilize terrain best is a joy that never gets old. This game can be played risk-style by forming alliances and back-stabbing your partners, or it can be played more diplomatically, or you can play it free-for-all where all players go wild attacking each other to gain advantage. The expansions offer differentiated gameplay that adds difficulty and fun to the game.

Unfortunately out-of-print, Decks, Dice, and Meeples has the base set for your enjoyment. This is a good entry-game into tabletop gaming, allowing you to explore the possibilities tabletop games offer. Drastically different than typical board games, Heroscape will offer gamers a fresh approach to games and a wonderful afternoon of gameplay.”

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