No Thanks

From the box: “Take a card or say “No Thanks.” It’s easy to say no if you have a chip to add to the prize pool. Be aware that your chips won’t last forever and when you take a card it can score against you if it isn’t a part of a run. A quick, fun, fast-paced game of extortion for all ages.”

Loy says: “No Thanks is an older style card game, relying a bit on luck as well as strategy. As in golf, the goal is to get the lowest score. However, a series of interesting rules and a limit on “passes” add the strategy. Create runs of numbers to lower your score or use your tokens to pass a higher numbered card to an opponent. The choice is yours. This is a great family game as it can be played by anyone who can count to 100 in their head (or with the help of a calculator).”

Sam says: “A card game where some gambling is involved, ‘No Thanks’ is quick, and can be played in under 5 minutes if you want a speedy card game. A card (numbered 1-35) is flipped and you either take it for face value or toss a chip and say “no thanks!”. The goal is to accumulate as little points as possible. For a laid back game to chat around and waste a little bit of time, ‘No Thanks’ is fun and simple to learn. In terms of games that would be a go-to for me, I would prefer something like Fluxx because it offers a more flexible game (hence its title). I prefer more challenging games that offer wider ways to win and have broader ways to play the game, which ‘No Thanks’ unfortunately doesn’t offer. Though, simple mechanics and a quick gameplay, it is a nice addition to any game library.”

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