Monsters and Zombies and Murders … Board Games Just Right for Halloween

Yep, Halloween is around the corner. That means we’re in the mood for cosplay and crazy games. These are some of our favorites.

Sometimes you can’t beat breaking out the old classics. Every time we groan about how this game practically plays itself, we try it again and discover it’s a little different and even fun. Figure out the whodunnit. For more fun, give your character a styling – an accent and an attitude. Argue over which card you should be showing. Bet you have a blast. Clue at Amazon

Zombie Dice

This is a great game when you’re splitting your attention. You can play it while watching that horror movie for the 800th time, or while chatting with friends, or while baking spooky treats. It’s also a great one for younger kids – roll the dice and press your luck to be the first one to 15 brains. Just watch out for those shotgun blasts! Every roll brings you closer to death by shotgun – and this time your zombie won’t be coming back… Zombie Dice at Amazon




Like to play bridge or Euchre? You might like this play. Renfield is a trick-taking card game, but you’re a grave digger betting with body parts.  It’s a bit different than your typical tabletop but has an interesting feel to it. Produced by Cheapass Games (yes, that’s really the name of the company), it comes in a plain white envelope with cards and rules. Add your own tokens. But for creepy crawly, this one fits the bill.



King of Tokyo

You are the great dinosaur Godzilla. I am a genetically altered bunny controlling a skyscraper-sized robot. Which of us will be King of Tokyo? That depends on your strategy. This game is most fun with four or more players, each styled as a giant monster from a deliciously cheesy monster horror film. Roll the dice to attack the monster currently holding Tokyo, or defend yourself if you happen to be sitting pretty. Winner reaches 20 victory points before anyone else. King of Tokyo at Amazon

Smash Up

Halloween is the perfect time to drag out the old arguments – who would win if wizards fought robots? What if pirates battled zombies? In Smash Up, you choose two character groups to make your teams – for example, wizards and zombies vs robots and pirates. Strategize carefully and use your team’s abilities to be the first to 15 points – it’s not as easy as it sounds! This new game is one of our favorites – so much that we already have one expansion pack and we’re working to get more. We’ll be duking it out this week! Smash Up on Amazon

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