Carcassonne (Big Box)

From the box: “Released to critical acclaim in 2000, Carcassonne has long captivated audiences with its simple yet engaging gameplay. Now you can experience the best the 2001 Spiel des Jahres winner has to offer. The 2017 version of the Carcassonne big box combines the base game along with eleven of its expansions, making it the perfect starter set for anyone who wants to play this bestselling game with as much variety as possible. Including the inns & cathedrals, traders & builders, the Abbot, the River, the flying machines, the ferries, the messengers, the gold mines, mage & witch, the robbers, and the crop circles expansions, the Carcassonne big box includes more than 150 tiles and seven different types of Meeple.”

Loy says: “This was my first worker placement game and I really like it. The challenge is to lay down tiles, one by one like dominos, connecting the longest roads, building the largest cities, surrounding monasteries, and connecting farm fields with the greatest number of cities. Each tile is carefully illustrated and the pieces have a nice feel. As you lay down each tile, you claim the road, field, city, or monastery as your own by placing a worker meeple on top. It’s fun to play without being overwhelming. It is helpful to think ahead, as in chess, but since the game is continuously shifting, you can play turn-by-turn and still do well. Just watch out for that end-game scoring!”

Dan says: “Carcassonne is the classic tile-laying game in which you take turns ‘building’ a kingdom by placing terrain tiles in a way that matches the tiles it goes against.  Points are scored by placing workers (this was the game that introduced the world to ‘meeples’) in fields, castles, monasteries or on roads.  You have a limited number of meeples and some are not scored until the end of the game so choose your placement wisely.  We bought the big box with 11 expansions and we look forward to digging into them as we play it more.  This game is a great addition to a starting library.”

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