From the box: “Create your own journey with Tsuro, the Game of the Path. Place a tile and slide your stone along the path created, but take care. Other player’s paths can lead you in the wrong direction – or off the board entirely. Find your way wisely to succed. Stay the path – your journey begins here.”

Loy says: “This is a last-man-standing game where you build a path and try to stay on the board as long as possible. Not only do your own tiles move your pawn, but so do your opponents. It starts off a bit slow, until paths start intersecting. Then strategy ramps up considerably. You make plans for your path, then your opponents destroy those plans utterly. It’s a quiet and introspective kind of game – somewhere between Chess and Othello. I like it quite a bit; it feels like the kind of game you could play in the park over a nice cup of tea.”

Sam says: “Requiring you to think one step ahead, you build Tsuro’s board to zoom your piece around while leading your opponent’s astray. The pattern on the board requires a lot of thinking to plan out, so this game may not be for those wanting to sit around and chat while playing. Strategy and an always different game board are two of my favorite components of any game, and Tsuro delivers on both.”

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