About DDM

We are a group of friends who love board games, especially a lot of the games that have come out in the last 10 years. When hosting parties we’re usually introducing friends to a new game. We’ve been to “gaming cafes” and it’s really stoked our passion to bring these games to even more people.

So we’re loading up our gaming library and bringing it to a place near you!

Maybe you’ve heard of games like “Settlers of Catan,” “Ticket to Ride,” or “Forbidden Island” and been wanting to give them a try. Maybe you just want to try something new. Maybe you just want to have a fun night out with friends and family. In any of those cases we hope to see you soon!

Loy: a mom, a professional math tutor, a cosplayer, and overall creative geek. I tend to prefer games that make you think rather than games with random dice rolls or silly antics, but I’m not above either if the mood strikes. There are some games I find too complex and so I shy away until I have a solid afternoon and evening to devote to the learning of the game. Favorite game: Hmmm, could be Snorta, could be Pit, could be Mysterium or Splendor. Depends on the mood.

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