Game Night at Moonjava, Mar 1

“Wood for sheep?” “Should I excavate or get water?” “Who had my wheat?”

Meet new games and new game players at our next Moonjava event. Based on the February event, we’re moving the time up to 5:30 so Terraforming Mars can actually start and finish in one play session. If you’re not up for such a heavy hitter, that’s okay — we’ll have all our fun games including King of Tokyo, Takenoko, Kingdomino, and 5 Minute Dungeon for about a half hour of fun each.

As always, it’s $5 per person for unlimited games and Moonjava will have their delicious treats on hand. Bring a friend or make one when you get here 🙂

International Tabletop Day

Decks, Dice, and Meeples celebrates International Tabletop Day with an extra-long game event at our home in Batavia – Moonjava Cafe. Starting at 11am, we’ll be setting up our large tabletop games and bringing everything else! Join us for this special day; in the spirit of the event, try to bring someone new to the hobby!

Game Night at Moonjava 2/7

Board games are trending; gone are the days of flipped Monopoly boards and endless games of Clue. Join us for Eurogames such as Catan and Carcassonne; deck builders such as Dominion or Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle; strategy and tactics titles such as 7 Wonders or Splendor; we even have cooperative games like Pandemic and 5 Minute Dungeon! If you haven’t played, you should – a night of fun gaming with friends is the perfect antidote to cabin fever and endless online distraction.

Moonjava will have plenty of coffee and tasty treats on hand. $5 per person – bring a friend and your thirst for adventure!

Thursday Wed Feb 7
Moonjava Cafe, 56 Harvester Ave, Batavia

Game Night at Moonjava 1/18

It was a game cafe in Toronto that inspired us to do what we do … bringing 100 different game titles out to play. Not just Monopoly, Clue, and Sorry but modern Eurogames like Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Carcassonne. Deck builders like Dominion and Smash Up. Strategy games like Kingdomino and Splendor. Board games have come a long way from random dice rolls and we have something for every palate. Continue reading “Game Night at Moonjava 1/18”

Game Night at Moonjava Cafe

We’re back in our favorite place – Moonjava Cafe; What a great time last month playing everything from Pit to Settlers of Catan to Apples to Apples to Dominion! Bring a friend for another great night of food and fun. We hear there’s a toasty sandwich on the menu this time; we can’t wait! Bring $5 along with a healthy appetite for food and adventure because – of course – we’ll have new games!

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